Club Statement…

Staines Town FC is pleased to announce that the current Chairman and owner Matthew Boon has agreed a takeover of Staines Town FC Limited, the Club’s parent company, to Fulcrum Sports Investments who will assume a controlling stake in the football club. Matthew Boon will retain a shareholding in the football club and move into the position of Honouree President. 

The consortium is chaired by Joe Dixon, whose board is made up of Paul Jaszynski (CEO), Yiu Yin Yau, William Pitisongswat and Shipeng Fu. The group has a wealth of experience and extensive network in the football, financial, media and private equity sectors.

The vision and target for the club is to achieve football league status over a 10 year period. This success is to be built around a self-sustainable model with eventual plans to build an academy locally and become a pillar of the local community.

The takeover was agreed during the last week and in the intervening days the business of the Club has been conducted normally, with the support and knowledge of the incoming owners.

Dixon says: “We are very excited and privileged to become the new owners of Staines Town FC and have the opportunity to contribute to the club legacy. Thank you Matthew for all the hard work taking the club to where it is today. 

Our immediate priority will be to strengthen the performance of the Club which will allow it to grow sustainably in the long run. We aim to proactively engage with existing fans and expand the fan base organically. 

Additionally, we will explore and create new commercial income streams by cultivating strategic business partnerships locally, nationally and globally to create strong financial foundations for the club to move to the next levels.”

To all the fans, staff, and committee, without you Staines Town FC would not exist. This is an exciting time and we have a very bright future ahead of us. We will need your continued support to continue the progression and thank you to everybody for your continued commitment, especially during this transitional period.

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