Burgess Hill Town 1 Swans 1 …

A 100th Bostik Premier League goal for the Swans [Mo Bettamer] did little to take away the fact that a win would have been enough today to keep the season going following todays results. It has been a torrid run in for the Swans as the play-off hopes fizzled away in the heat as the hosts secured a valuable point. Whilst it is still a mathematical possibility it looks highly unlikely and the Swans huffed a little today following so many games in close succession.

One can not take anything away from Tommy Brewer and his squad, 100 league goals, the joint leading goalscorer in Elliot Buchanan and 72 league points so far compared to 61 last season.

Today however an early goal for Burgess Hill Town in the 4th minute scored by Patrick Harding, following a complete calamity between the sticks made it an uphill struggle in the heat. Swans had a few chances with Bettamer’s inswinging ball bouncing high past the keeper and just shaving the bar as Hippolyte couldn’t quite get a touch. It didn’t bode well when Elliott Buchanan had to leave the field of play but this brought free scoring partner Mo Bettamer into full fling with several powerful strikes on goal. In true fashion he poked home his 26th goal of the season on 73 minutes to make it 1-1. Despite having to sit out another interuption due to the linesman having an injury it was difficult for the Swans to maintain a late period of control and it ended level.

Good luck to our hosts who enjoyed a valuable point and for the Swans faithful [huge respect] it is on to Leatherhead on Monday evening to face Kingstonian.

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