Staines Town FC Club Statement …

Dear Supporters, many would have read an article within the non-league paper today with regard to the club being effectively for sale.

After 7 years as chairman and sole benefactor I feel that I have taken the club as far as I can with the resources I have available to me.

As most people circumstances change, therefore to give the club the very best chance I feel that the current position the club currently sits in the league and with the time remaining for the current season it was the best time to open discussion to see who may see the clubs potential.

In March 2015 I appealed within the local paper for assistance as I was finding it difficult alone to sustain the clubs position , but received no response, this is why we thought it best to openly appeal within the non league paper.

Ken and I have been working hard behind the scenes with a number of people and we are hopeful that an agreement can be made to allow the club to realise its full potential.

Please be advised that this season will continue to have the full support and the management and staff will continue to push for the highest position it can.

Rest assured I only have the best interests of Staines Town Football Club at heart and will continue at all costs to do the best for its future.

Kind Regards Matt Boon

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