Proud to Sponsor…

Ahead of tomorrow’s home fixture there was a huge boost for the squad as the player sponsorship to date has outstripped last season and the activity his still high as we approach our fifth game unbeaten. 

The club website and social media (Keith) are proud to sponsor ‘Cash’ Hippolyte, not for his dressing room dance moves (ha ha) but for his upbeat approach to squad football. So who are you sponsoring? 

Johnson (Drax) Hippolyte Staines Town Supporters Club

Dereck Brown – Staines Town Supporters Club

Martyn Spong – Gordon & Christine Harberd

Max Banger – Ron Windsor

Pat Palmer,David Gumbs and Craig Berry currently have sponsorship available… 

Players Sponsored by

——— —————–

Wadah Ahmidi – Paul Clark

Mo Bettamer – Roger Marsden / Steve McCarthy

Tommy Brewer – Roger & Natalie Thompson / The Swedish Massive

Bayley Brown – The Swedish Massive

Daniel Brown – David Brown

Elliott Buchanan – John Blair(Gooners) / Staines Town Juniors

Lewis Driver – The Norris Family

Mitchal Gough – Mike Holland & Hilary Denning / Willow Harper Gough

Jonathan(Cash) Hippolyte – STFC on-line media

Ashlee Jones – David & Jessica Espley

Ben Martin – Dave Ward / Ian Judson

Josh Webb – Norman McNicol

Max Worsfold – Matthew & Amanda Boon / The Swedish Massive

Elliot Baptiste, Tom Collins,Brannon Daly,Tom Gilbey,Nebay Haile,Greg Haydon,Kamal McEwan,Chevron McLean,Tyrell Miller-Rodney and Joash Nembhard are available for sponsorship.
Each player is allowed up to 2 sponsors which means that Mo Bettamer,Tommy Brewer,Elliott Buchanan,Mitchal Gough,Ben Martin and Max Worsfold have been fully allocated.
The cost of player sponsorship is still £60 , and can be arranged via John Blair …

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