Supporters Club AGM …

Just a reminder that we will be holding the STFC Supporters Club AGM on Saturday 22nd July in the sports bar at the club starting at 1pm. This is prior to the home PSF against Hungerford Town.

This is open to all supporters to attend whether they are a supporters club member or not, all welcome.

The agenda will be as follows: –

  • Review of Accounts

John Blair / David Norris to present:

Money In – how this was raised

Money Out – how this was spent

Current Bank Balance

  • Future Fund Raising Ideas

Race Night / Quiz night / Raffles / any other ideas?

  • Disabled Shelter & Hand Rails in Stand – latest update
  • 12th Man Scheme

How much has been raised and passed over to the club

What the club spent it …

  • Relationship with Football Club & STFC Juniors
  • Committee Election
  • AOB

We hope you can all attend and look forward to seeing you on the 22nd July.

Kind regards

David Norris

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