STJFC Club Tournament – 11th June 2017 …

STJFC Club Tournament – 11th June 2017

Every year we produce a Tournament Programme which is provided to a large number of the 2000 or so visitors we get on the day.

We are looking for an overall Tournament Sponsor who will be given 4 pages of Colour advertising and a number of advertisers to whom we offer black and white advertising space within the programme.

The revenue we raise normally raises enough money to cover the costs of all medals and trophies on the day enabling the club to maximise the profit we make for the club.

We would be very grateful if all parents could use their contacts (friends, employers or even consider it for their own business if they are self employed) to sell some advertising space on behalf of the club.

Our advertisng rates are as follows :

Main event Sponsor  £1200 – £1500**

Full page advert  £120

Half page £60

Quarter page £30

In addition to the advertising space within the programme the club is willing to provide advertising in and aroudn the ground during the day, including a stall area should that bne of interest to the sponsor.

Please pass on the details of any interested individuals or organisations to Hilary Watson at her email address

Many thanks

Paul Alexander

Chair of STJ Social Committee

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