Marlow 1 Swans 0 …

mitch stretcher

Swans fans who travelled to Marlow saw the side go down late to a cracking free kick but also the worry of Mitchal Gough suffereing yet another injury. Played in wet conditions on an August night Drax used a large selection of his triallists and squad members and whilst there was plenty of activity there is a difference to last seasons pre-season. Winning all the games on the run up to 2015/16 we have seen several defeats, this means little though as we work towards Met Police in the opener. Good work by ‘Mo’ on several strong runs and Devante McKain showing well in defence there are plenty of things to look forward to.

Let’s hope Mitch makes a full recovery as seeing him leaving Oak Tree Road in an ambulance is concerning, Late last night Mitch messaged with a huge thanks to all who had contacted him and said … ‘I’m staying strong, not expecting the worst, I’ll be back in no time… Hoping’

#FamilyClub #FollowtheSwans

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